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Mega.nz Akawashi's 3DS Video Archive (CIA Format)

Akawashi Aug 29, 2016

  1. Akawashi

    Akawashi Well-Known Member Staff Member Moflex Encoders

    Apr 5, 2016
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    This is the Folder i'm using to store all my Moflex Injections.
    it will be constantly updating as i add more content here.

    All i ask is that NOBODY Share my links without at least asking me first. I don't want to see anyone taking credit for my conversions, they took a lot of time and effort, and lots of help from various people.
    If i see my links on another site without permission, i'll stop converting, simple as that... wanna share links and take credit? great, do it with your own conversions, (Unless i give permission, in which case, don't forget to credit me, and anyone else who helps you.)

    I do not make a single penny from doing this, i make 0% profit, and i ask for 0% profit.
    The Reason i'm doing this, is NOT to expand my pocket, but to expand my knowledge... Ask ANY Moflex Encoder, it takes Lots of Time, Dedication, Know-how and patience. I do it for the experience of being able to do something that not many people can do... I do it because Nintendo gave us a 3D screen with the promise of being able to watch Movies in 3D.... We got a media player with a 10 min limit... hardly enough to watch a full movie... so, my actions, not only expand my knowledge, but by providing more content to their consoles (Even if they can't profit from my work) i am creating Revenue for Nintendo, by trying to make their consoles more appealing to a wider audience.)
    the Videos i convert all belong to thier respective copyright holders, and all rights belong to them exclusively. PLEASE SUPPORT THE OFFICIAL RELEASE!! (<-- This means actually buying the original content... don't be cheap, if you won't buy it, they won't make it. Always support the official release.)
    (I only hold claim to the conversions, NOT the originals.)
    Hidden Content:
    **Hidden Content: You must click 'Like' before you can see the hidden data contained here.**
    If you Have ANY issues with any of my videos, please, let me know via the thread the video is posted to on this site (in the Moflex Injections Section) i'd appreciate it if you told me what was wrong, so i can try and fix it.
  2. YamiRioru

    YamiRioru New Member

    Apr 27, 2016
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    hey akawashi, long time no see... I made a request post on that site a year ago and I was hoping you could work on it... lol... no rush or anything... I know we are all busy on the holidays..
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 27, 2016
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